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Anger Release

This is a way of releasing rage and anger in a safe and meditative way. It can be done alone or with your partner, if there is anger or stagnation in your relationship.

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Blue Sphere Technique

This technique is for maintaining your energy integrity in order to minimize the effects of people and situations draining you energetically. It is especially useful for empathic people who process other people’s energies.

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Clearing Other's Energies

This technique can be used when you feel drained, fatigued, or off as a result of taking on someone else's energy. It is particularly useful when you have been working with others, if you have been in a crowded or busy place, or when you have absorbed energy from the TV or internet.

Entity Release

This technique comes from Tashira Tachi-Ren and is used to lighten, clear, and release negative energy.

Grounding Yourself

In order to be effective in the physical reality it is important to be physically grounded. This also applies to manifesting abundance in your life. The world of ideas is where we conceive what we want to manifest, which then becomes a physical reality through being consciously grounded in each moment.

Jumping Timelines

This technique can be used to accelerate the manifesting process.

Loving Is Receiving

Many of us have been taught to give and we struggle with receiving and accepting love. When we keep giving and do not receive, the energy of love becomes depleted, causing us to feel angry, bitter, frustrated, sad, empty, and exhausted. This is a simple meditation to become open to receiving.

Quadruple Grid Technique - Personal

This technique is designed to clear your fields of energetic junk.

Quadruple Grid Technique - Spatial

This technique is designed to clear your home and workspace of energetic junk.

Unified Chakra

This technique is brought to us by Archangel Ariel and was channeled by Tashira Tashi-Ren. It is designed to train your chakras to stay open and connected multidimensionally.

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