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Entity Release

This technique comes from Tashira Tachi-Ren and is used to lighten, clear, and release negative energy.

Entity Release

Many times astral entities will intrude our fields. Whether conscious or unconscious, we make agreements with them when we have moments of fear or need. The entity release is a good practice in any spiritual hygiene program.

It is useful to do this release on a regular basis if you are feeling particularly cloudy, have been in a very dense place such as a bar, or just to be sure no entities have sneaked into your fields.

The technique (best spoken out loud):

Call for assistance: “Archangel Michael, please bring down the tunnel of Light. Ariel, Azrael and Aru-Kiri, please assist.”

“I break any and all agreements or contracts, both conscious and unconscious, that I have made, anyone in my body has made, or anyone in my spiritual or genetic lineage has made, with any astral entities, thought forms, demons, dark energies, dark forces, elementals, devas, aliens, extra-terrestrials, satanics, demonics, lost souls, earth bound souls, discarnates, parasites, leeches, separates, independents, backlash, and boogies. Please go into the tunnel of Light, we will take you home.”

From the moment you begin an entity release, assume that feelings or thoughts that come up may not be your own. Boredom, spaciness, resistance, anger, aches, nausea, disbelief and grief may all be coming from entities. Identify them and send them to the Light i.e. “entity holding resistance, please go into the Light”.

Toning can be useful to ease their release. When you feel clear or lighter, ask Michael to take the tunnel back to the fifth dimension.

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