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My approach combines the most effective modalities I have found over the past ten years including coaching, channeling, and healing. Aspects of psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics are also woven into sessions to help clients break through blocks and limiting beliefs, so they can transcend to higher states of joy, love, and purpose. In addition to virtual sessions, I also offer remote sessions and online programs.

Transformational Coaching

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Our perception of reality is shaped by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


Based on past experiences, we often develop unhealthy thought patterns, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that cause us to become stuck.


As a result, we experience cycles of pain or suffering that manifest as fear, doubt, unworthiness, powerlessness, or feelings of not being good enough.  


Transformational coaching is designed to help you breakthrough repeating patterns and blocks, so you can align with your vision for your life. 

Ascension Coaching

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In Tibetan Buddhism, suffering is part of the cycle of reincarnation and the level we are reborn into is based on our actions in previous lifetimes.

As all human beings are subject to the law of karma, liberation is only possible when we return to God, Source, Oneness, All That Is, The Divine.


Ascension coaching helps you transcend difficult or challenging life experiences, so you can ascend to higher levels of consciousness and reconnect to Oneness.

Multidimensional Healing

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Multidimensional healing allows you to uncover and heal the root cause of mental, emotional, and spiritual issues at the point of origin. 


During each session, we work in tandem with the Higher Self to clear deeply rooted blocks such as unworthiness, fear, lack of trust, past life trauma, self-sabotage, and much more – in minutes. 


The work is powerful, yet gentle. As such, it is designed for those seeking a deeper, but faster, approach to healing.

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