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Ascension Coaching

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In Tibetan Buddhism, suffering is part of the cycle of samsara (reincarnation) and the level we are reborn into is based on our actions in previous lifetimes (karma). 


As all human beings are subject to the law of karma, liberation is only possible when we escape samsara and attain nirvana (enlightenment/ascension). 


Ascension coaching helps you transcend difficult or challenging life experiences, so you can ascend to higher levels of consciousness and reconnect to Oneness.

Through our work together, you will accelerate your ability to:

Transmute negative emotions and limiting beliefs, so you can align with your goals

Gain insight and perspective around current challenges, so you can move forward with ease and grace

Break the cycle of karma, so you can experience more freedom, joy, and love

Accelerate your soul growth and realign with your soul purpose, so you can liberate yourself from samsara

Raise your frequency and ascend to higher consciousness, so you can return to Oneness

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