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Ascension Coach

Spiritual Coaching & 

Ascend Healing Center (AHC) was founded to support lightworkers through the ascension process. Services are designed to expand your consciousness and accelerate your healing, so you can step into your power and purpose. 

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Ancient Healing For The Modern World

Perhaps you have always felt like you came to Earth for a reason – a purpose that has been woven so intricately into your soul, that you have journeyed through space and time, across different dimensions and lifetimes, to remember it...

And while you have made much progress in this lifetime, sometimes you cannot help but feel:

Confused or lost about your next steps

Deep sadness or unhappiness within your soul

Doubt, unworthiness, or feelings of not being good enough

Different, misunderstood, or like you do not belong

A strong desire to return Home

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AHC offers coaching and healing to support lightworkers through the ascension process. Services are designed to break through the blocks and limiting beliefs that cause you to become stuck in the Wheel of Life. In transcending to higher states of consciousness, you also become liberated to manifest your purpose and return to Oneness. 

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Remember Who You Are And Why You Are Here

Lightworkers are service souls who have incarnated on Earth to accomplish a specific purpose.

As the light bearers and cycle breakers of their genetic lineage, they often choose to be born into dysfunctional families or experience unhealthy relationships, resulting in feelings of not belonging or not being good enough.

Many lightworkers also identify as empaths or highly sensitive, making it even more difficult to navigate the density of this 3D world.

In learning how to heal themselves, they illuminate the path for others to heal, awaken, and ascend. 

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Are you ready to step into your power and purpose? Through our work together, you will accelerate your ability to:

Reconnect to the Divine within 

Love and accept your true, authentic self

Heal deeply, completely, and easily

Increase your self-esteem and self-worth

​Experience true freedom, love, and joy


Align with your goals and manifest your purpose

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What Clients Are Saying

"After a few months of working with her, I was able to move on from that relationship, and we started working together on rebuilding a value system for how I could approach love for self and others in the future… Her advice lead to dramatic breakthroughs in self discovery, self realization, and more importantly self actualization." Read More

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Are you ready for a breakthrough?

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