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Clearing Other's Energies

This technique can be used when you feel drained, fatigued, or off as a result of taking on someone else's energy. It is particularly useful when you have been working with others, if you have been in a crowded or busy place, or when you have absorbed energy from the TV or internet.

Clearing Other's Energies

Method (most effective spoken aloud):

Step One:

“Mother-Father God, please reabsorb into your light all negative imprinted messages and energies that I have taken on from ______(state who, e.g. the internet, my client)________ relating to:

Programs, Beliefs, Perceptions, Judgments, Expectations, Phobias, Mindsets, Blocks, Conditioning, Limitations, Value Systems, Discord, Patterns, Fears, Addictions, Dramas, Heartbreaks, Pain, Thoughtforms, Traumas, Attachments, Death Wish, Dogmas, Opinion, Doctrines, Vows, Contracts, Agreements, Promises, Pacts, Sacrifices, Grievances, Fractures, Transference, Projections, Excuses, Avoidances, Punishments, Sabotages, Sensitivities, Allergies, Wars, Defeats, Prejudices, Standards, Sexual Issues, Inhibitions, Battles, Shock, Toxicity, Defenses, Depression, Dysfunction, Habits, Indoctrinations, Superstitions, Agendas, Illnesses, Diseases, Miasms, Arguments, Conflicts, Feuds, Emotion, Regulations, Rules, Criticism, Identification, Disidentification, Dis-ease, Wounds, Illness, Imprints, Imbalances, Interferences, Revulsions, Desires, Needs, Disconnections, Shadows, Control, Pathology, Behaviors and Damage.

Please clear all these energies from my:

Physical body, Etheric body, Mental body, Emotional body, Astral body, Etheric Template body, Celestial body, Ketheric Template body, Spiritual bodies, Aura, Chakras, Organs, Endocrine system, Muscular system, Skeletal system, Nervous system, Lymphatic system, Respiratory system, Integumentary system, Urinary system, Cardiovascular system, Reproductive system, Digestive system, Cells, DNA/Genetics, Subatomic levels, Elements, Cell membranes, Connective Tissues, Immune system, Circuits/Meridians, Cell Nuclei, Holographic Matrix, Physiology, Neurology, Universal energy field, Biochemistry, Other Incarnations, Other Realities, Higher Self, Water, Blood and Body Fluids at whatever level they reside in the highest and best good. Thank You”

As the energies release you may feel tingling in your body, sigh, yawn or burp. Wait a moment until it feels like the energies have settled.

Then say: “Mother-Father God, I command all aspects of my being now return to 100% full energy, health, well-being, vitality, strength, vigor and youthfulness and that all the tissues, vibrations and frequencies of my body, mind and soul renew and revive, regenerate and rejuvenate to hold and sustain higher levels of light. Thank You.”

Step Two:

“Mother Father God please release and cut all the Soul Cords, Past Life Cords, Genetic Cords, Relational Cords, Karmic Cords, Psychic Cords, Physical Cords, Energetic Cords, Emotional Cords, Mental Cords, Spiritual Cords, Other Relational Cords and Sexual Cords and Attachments that I have made, or others have made to me, that no longer serve anyone. Please heal and repair each matrix multidimensionally, in all incarnations and time frames, to infinity and beyond including the Akashic records. Please take everyone back to their center and stabilize and strengthen the boundary of each ketheric template body. Thank You.”

Step Three:

“Mother Father God, I give thanks that all cell and soul fragments that do not belong to me, be returned to their original owner washed and cleansed through your light. I give thanks that all cell and soul fragments that do belong to me, be returned to me, washed and cleansed through your light. Thank You.”

Developed by Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

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