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Breaking the Cycle

Learn the secret behind why you keep attracting the same type of men and how to break the cycle of unhealthy, unfulfilling, toxic, or dysfunctional relationships

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Breaking the Cycle
Breaking the Cycle

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Zoom Meeting


Breaking the Cycle is designed specifically to help women move into energetic alignment with their ideal relationship.

Maybe you're still healing from your last heartbreak.

Maybe you miss the good old days when you would meet potential dates in person and be courted.

Maybe you're over scrolling through misleading profiles and swiping left.

Maybe you're just tired of being ghosted (seriously when did that become a thing?)

As if dating wasn't hard enough, in this Age of Technology we're bombarded with dating apps and posts on social media of friends (and sometimes random people we don't even know) getting married or starting a family. And while we may not want to admit it, deep inside we can't help but wonder if we'll ever find the one or just be alone for the rest of our lives.

We all have a love story – whether it was formed as a result of personal experiences or social constructs. Unfortunately, many of us also did not have healthy models of relationships growing up, and as adults, we subconsciously create the relationships we try so hard to avoid. 

Wouldn't it be nice to break the cycle, end your pain, and find real love?

Attracting the relationship you desire doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it's much easier (and faster) when you are in energetic alignment.

Breaking the Cycle will empower you to:

Understand your relationship with yourself

Your relationship with yourself is paramount to your relationship with others, as well as your ability to achieve your goals in all areas of life. We are all Creators and one of the ways we create is through our thoughts. Many of us have limiting or negative beliefs that impact how we show up in the world as well as our perception of men, women, and relationships in general. These thoughts and beliefs not only keep us in the lower vibrational states of fear, worry, jealousy, anger, or insecurity, they also impact the type of men we attract. What you believe becomes your reality.

Define your ideal relationship

Most people don't achieve their goals not because they don't work hard towards their goals, but because they don't define what they want in clear, specific terms. If you just tell the Universe that you want to meet a nice guy, more than likely you will. But he could also be a nice, homeless guy. Or a nice guy who doesn't want a commitment. In addition, many people have a tendency to focus on what they don't want, causing them to attract that very thing into their life. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Uncover the repeating pattern in your relationships

How many times have you thought this time (or this one) is going to be different? Only to get hurt. Again. The key to breaking any repeating pattern is to change your beliefs on a subconscious level. Your beliefs impact your behavior and your beliefs are stored within your subconscious mind. Attracting the relationship you want means getting deep, but it also means being honest with yourself. Do you have a "type"? What has been the repeating pattern in your relationships? What keeps the pattern going? With awareness comes the power to change.

Learn how to move into energetic alignment and attract your ideal relationship

Being in energetic alignment means being a vibrational match for the relationship you want to call into your life. It also means being in flow and trusting the Universe enough to let go. This is one key element the Law of Attraction often leaves out. You cannot create from a place of fear (well, you can, but fear begets fear) nor can you create when you are holding onto two conflicting emotions. It's difficult to feel hopeful that you'll meet the right person if you're also worried that it's too late for you to meet the right person. Is it possible that you will still meet someone? Yes. But more than likely you'll remain alone. Or, you'll meet someone who is also worried about being alone (aka codependent). In order to attract more love into your life, you have to be the complete embodiment of love in your life. Like attracts like.

Are you ready to Break the Cycle and Attract Your Ideal Relationship? Join us for a night of transformation.


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