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Online programs combine years of teaching into a two to three hour transformational experience. Through the use of proven techniques such as theta therapy, guided visualization, and journaling exercises, each program is designed to take you on a deep dive into your relationships or career. Working as your virtual coach, I will guide you through the process of uncovering and healing deeply rooted blocks, so you can align with your vision for your life. Each program also comes with the option to add on single sessions to support you further in creating the change you desire.  

Breaking the Cycle Program

2h 41m | 14 videos

Breaking the Cycle is a 14 day program to help women break through unhealthy relationship patterns, so they can create and sustain healthier, longer lasting relationships.


Part One identifies the limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that cause you to attract partners who leave you feeling heartbroken, confused, angry, rejected, and not good enough.

Part Two takes you through the healing process of addressing past hurt and increasing your self-worth, so you can move you into alignment with your ideal relationship.

Program contents:

How to mend your heart and find happiness again – without investing years in therapy 

How to love and accept yourself – in less than 10 minutes 

How to end self-sabotage and break free of negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs 

How to transform your mindset, so you can feel more confident

How to connect with your soulmate and manifest your ideal relationship

Program highlights:

Content is sent directly to your inbox to create consistency and increase accountability

Videos are 10 to 20 minutes on average so you do not fall behind or get overwhelmed

Daily action items to keep you engaged and motivated

Daily affirmations to support you in creating lasting change 

Individual sessions can be added-on for additional support

Career Visioning Program

The Career Visioning Program is a 21 day experience for those who feel called to step into their purpose but have no idea what their purpose is, those who have put their dreams on hold, and those who simply want more out of life.

Part One consists of twelve lessons and journaling exercises to help you get out of your own way and clarify your vision for your life.


Part Two consists of nine healing sessions to help you align with your goals and take action to bring your vision into reality.

How to overcome fear and unworthiness, so you can take action to accomplish your goals

How to trust the process and surrender – even when everything seems to be going wrong

How to feel more clear, confident, and empowered – in less than 10 minutes

Program highlights:

24 videos and 3 hours of content 

Daily journaling exercises and real life examples to help you step into your power and purpose

Content is delivered directly to your inbox to increase consistency and accountability

Individual sessions can be added-on for additional support

3h 12m | 21 videos

How to accelerate your timeline and manifest your vision for your life 

Videos are 10 to 20 minutes on average so you do not fall behind or get overwhelmed

Program contents:

How to identify your passion versus your purpose

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